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3 New Things to Try In Tuscaloosa With All Your Post-Graduation Free Time


Let's hear it for the Crimson Tide class of 2022! You made it! Congrats. As you begin getting ready for the day you pack up your HERE Tuscaloosa apartment for the last time, you may catch yourself thinking about all the things you never got to do. The local sights you never saw. That one spot you always told yourself you'd check out but never did. Well, the good news is, you're about to have plenty of class-free time. So go see all the sights! Do all the things! And if the boxes on your geographical bucket list are all checked, here are three new activities to try before you say goodbye to HERE Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Riverwalk

The odds of you living at HERE Tuscaloosa and never visiting the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk are slim. We’re not talking a hidden gem here. However, if you are one of those people who haven't had the pleasure, the Riverwalk is one of Tuscaloosa's most majestic outdoor locales. Go for a stroll down the walk and enjoy beautiful spring foliage, sunny weather, plenty of wildlife, and fantastic views. When it comes to free things to do in Tuscaloosa, the views don't get much better than The Riverwalk.

Downtown Pedal Tours

What's a graduation celebration without a toast? And what better way to share a toast than while pedaling down the street with 15 of your closest friends?  That's right, nothing.Pedel Pub’s Downtown Pedal Tours offers just that. Part bicycle, part bar-on-wheels, pedal bikes seat up to 15 people and are a perfect way to spend a fun-filled afternoon. Tours begin and end at Royal Fine Cleaners and last about 2 hours, so be sure to stretch.

Escape Tuscaloosa

Escape rooms are all the rage and for good reason. For the uninitiated, an escape room is a fun interactive experience that sees you and your closest friends try and figure out how to escape a locked room using only clues, puzzles, and your wits. If you manage to escape before time expires, you win! If, however, you and your crew can't escape in time, you're all trapped in the room forever! Kidding. You just don't get to take a cool "We escaped!" picture. Escape Tuscaloosa is fun, engaging, and a great bonding experience to share with friends before you all continue your post-grad life journey.   

HERE Tuscaloosa wants you to make the most of your free time. Be sure to check out our Neighborhood page to see what else the Druid City has to offer.


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