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A girl holding a gift in her hands and shopping bag over her arm in front of a clothing store

Best Local Spots to Find Holiday Gifts That Fit Your Budget


With the holidays just around the corner and your college budget looming over any winter shopping excursions, HERE Tuscaloosa brings you our fave local places to get budget-friendly gifts.

What Inexpensive Gifts are Best for My Budget?

Simple, yet meaningful presents are easier to find than you may think. Whether you’re grabbing a few gifts for your best friends, or picking up an extra-special present for mom, an inexpensive gift doesn’t need to be cheap. No matter your budget constraints, if it’s less than $5 per gift per person or up to $30 per person, you can easily find something sentimental for your loved ones in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Just be sure to keep in mind any shipping costs when purchasing gifts, as most items cost about $8 to mail through the USPS.

Where Can I Find Budget-Friendly Gifts?

Looking to represent the University of Alabama and give something fun to friends and family for the holiday season? Then you’ve got to shop at The Trunk! The Trunk is Tuscaloosa’s best Greek gear shop. While some of their larger items are pricier, Lou & Company has some pretty awesome smaller gift options for less than $15, like Turkish hand towels or ceramic plates.

Gift-Friendly Holiday Treats

Treats from a local bakery are another budget-friendly gift option for your local friends and family. Mary’s Cakes & Pastries has a crazy-good holiday menu for cookies and sweets! The BAMA Dozen Tin package even comes with a bow and card, making this tasty present a no-brainer! Want to send some baked goods to someone who lives out of town? Check out the festive shippable options at Great American Cookies.

Enjoy Every Memorable Moment

When you’re finished shopping, head back home to your spacious apartment at HERE Tuscaloosa to find the perfect present wrapping spot. Happy Holidays – from our home to yours!


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